The backyard at Smuggler’s Secret cradles you within the aspens and welcomes you to the hot tub.

Your guests will love the heated floors…

Skiing is done. Grab a glass of wine, take it easy in the infinity hot tub.

Looking to cool off a bit? It’s time to hit the slopes.

Time to rest in the tub? The towels are warm.

Walking down from the master bedroom? This is how you’ll be welcomed to the day.

See Aspen from Above

View from Smuggler Mountain

Enjoy Aspen with a bird’s eye view, snuggled on the side of Smuggler Mountain. The lights from the city are breathtaking. Enjoy the view while sitting on the balcony or taking a rest in the hot tub.

Take a Hike

View from Smuggler Mountain

Next time you hear someone say “take a hike,” this is what you can imagine. Being on the side of Smuggler Mountain, you’re able to take one of the most breathtaking hikes in the world. This is what you’ll see at the beginning, we’ll leave the top of the hike view up to you.